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Why do people continue to watch my animations?

2009-03-17 19:53:06 by KrinkelsForever

Oh, that's right... Because I fucking kicking ass. I'm the best ever. Nobody is as good as I am when it comes to existing.


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2009-03-17 20:21:53

congratulations faggot

KrinkelsForever responds:

Thanks dude!


2009-03-17 20:39:15

erg. while i like your movies, i think the scorpion arm aws TOO much.
also krinkels being a guy with supreme powers in the movie? HAH taht was so un-predicted.
you know what would be cool? making in the end the dark evil guy NOt be krinkels, and have a twist. that would be cool sir.
also i liked that you added two new characters. it makes more than the ''just hank, enemy, other enemy, evil guy, and et h''anyway, what are their names? (cool guy with hat) and (cool guy with bandana, glasses and serious look) also hook

and yea, i suggesting adding more peopel in, else it wouldnt be madness, on other side tho, its your series.
(im just suggestein' tho)
also add a backstory, who was sheriff? why he did get chased? ARGH
also i think you msut add , more guys, like those guys in the jeep that died, they could be a nice character development if tehy could be laive.. by say a portal ;)
or.. also add a sherroif. oi quite miss that sherrif, with his law surge ideas!
that scary mane

KrinkelsForever responds:

What the fuck? Do you have a fungal infection in your brain or-

oh wait yeah

totally man. Yeah. I get what you're saying. Because I'm the real Krinkels... Krinkles... idk idc w/e


2009-03-17 20:39:32

needs more sherrif's tbh

KrinkelsForever responds:

good point


2009-04-26 16:22:23

you only exist when you admire georges ass from the pave ment...WITH A STRAW!!!


2009-07-30 22:08:35

You suck you do nothing but copy the great person who made the madness series. He is ALOT better than you. His animations are better than yours. your just trying to copy his glory and you do a awful job doing it, and thats just sad.